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You can translate all these flexfield components to the preferred languages without changing the language session of the application.

To specify the translations in all the enabled language rows, use the Translation Editor option on the respective edit pages.

WEBADI User linked to the correct Set of Books attached to your responsiblity. Then go to Oracle WEBADI Responsiblity and Navigate: Create Document (As below) Once you click this a self servics pages will popup. Select the Viewer This is first step , where you need to select the viewer, there are number of viewer avaible but you to choose one of them for each template. You can also add new one or customize existing Integtor.(Will discuss in another post sepeartly) 7. You need to select by clicking on the Radio style button, and click on the Select Button. When all the details of the Journal is entered, using double click List of Values search tool, click on the Oracle Menu. Next you need to click on Upload to initiate the Transfer to GL, and if the Automatically Submit journal Import option is checked, the General Ledger Journal import is triggered 19. This is way to that you can uploaded the Journal through Web ADI into Oracle.

Flexfields help you to capture different data on the same database table.Confirmation of the success of the sending and the triggering of the import is displayed. A flexfield is an extensible set of placeholder fields associated with business objects and placed on the application pages.Adding or removing segments, or rearranging their order, produces a different structure.You can reuse the segments that are based on the database columns, in multiple structures.

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