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He is far too influenced by his wife Augusta (what a perfect name for a hideous old witch) and she encourages him to prevent the engagement.

As her legal guardian, Edward-John has the final say over who may marry young Jenny. Her jotting about entertaining conversations, events and Janes stories move the plot along.

But this would not be a truly romantic story if the tale ended there. The hero and the heroine must conquer all the trials in order to be rewarded with love.

Jennys brother, Edward-John, is a stuffy and weak-spined man.

We know that Jenny has found an eligible man who will make his fortune. She, as one might imagine, is a flighty and rather intoxicating girl to be around.

Men are mesmerised by her charms and sharp tongue which means Jane becomes the object of many single young ladies hatred.

Well-drawn characters, including a lead capable of sustaining a long series, complement the clever plot" - Publishers Weekly. The narrative twists and turns until the end, showcasing both Harrisons clever plotting and the historical chops as she continues her outstanding Burren Mystery series, following A Fatal Inheritance (Booklist starred review) Click for more.

While Mara is still recovering from her ordeal, the unpopular local physician, Malachy, whose estranged 14-year-old daughter, Nuala, assisted in the birth of Mara's son, dies of poisoning.

The arrival of a young legal scholar who could handle the inquiry into Malachy's death gives Mara the chance to step back and regain her strength, but she has misgivings about entrusting the peace of her people to a stranger. Harrison combines meticulous period detail with a crafty puzzle and a sage, empathetic sleuth.

She is compassionate, wise and has a great deal of experience of life in spite of her apparent seclusion from the world.

If you want to read something different in the way of historical crime fiction then I recommend this book.

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