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Cool electric Vantage Guitar - Sound by design24 frets.There's the pictures Can someone tell me which model is it ? There are only 3 models that are known to have come from Lotus/Morris: These three models are easily on a par with the Matsumoku-made Westbury and the high-end neck-through Vantage guitars.Lotus started with the elite league of Japanese craftsmen and initially made excellent Morris-branded guitars, but trying to keep up with the heavyweights such as Matsumoku Aria Pro II and Fuji-Gen Gakki Ibanez was difficult.My girlfriends father has an old Vantage VS600 lying in his basement.It looks really good and it is in a little better than mediocre shape. I may buy it if the price is right and he wants to sell it!When dating these guitars only ballpark ranges is possible. Single coil trapezoid face = mid to late 1960s, P-90 sized single and dual coil pickups = early 1970s, normal humbuckers and more strat like singles = early to mid 1970s.

The most common and lesser-quality Lotus guitars were usually manufactured by Samick and others in Korea and India.

By 1979, their guitars were mostly unique designs made exclusively by Matsumoku in Japan.

For more information on Japanese Vantages, see: and

After Arai joined forces with Matsumoku, the serial numbers began to have some bearing on the guitar's production year and rank in production sequence.

Serial numbers on these guitars were arbitrary numbers and did not indicate date of manufacture.

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