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If the app included an option to show your place of work, it was fairly easy to match the name of a user and their page on a social network.This in turn could allow criminals to gather much more data about the victim, track their movements, identify their circle of friends and acquaintances. Discovering a user’s profile on a social network also means other app restrictions, such as the ban on writing each other messages, can be circumvented.We were interested in what could be intercepted if, for example, the user connects to an unprotected wireless network – to carry out an attack it’s sufficient for a cybercriminal to be on the same network.Even if the Wi-Fi traffic is encrypted, it can still be intercepted on an access point if it’s controlled by a cybercriminal.

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These restrictions don’t usually apply on social media, and anyone can write to whomever they like.

In addition, the module sends the server information about which app functions the victim is currently using.

It should be noted that in the i OS version of Paktor all traffic is encrypted.

The information extracted from it also helped us establish real names: many people on Instagram use their real name, while others include it in the account name.

Using this information, you can then find a Facebook or Linked In account.

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